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Pam White provides the greater Phoenix area with stellar midwifery care including prenatal care, newborn care, postpartum care, natural home birth delivery and water births.
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When I was eight months pregnant with our third child, my husband and I separated leaving me feeling devastated and abandoned during a very vulnerable time in my life. I had been planning on giving birth in a hospital, but by the Grace of God, I found a friend who prompted me to look into home birth. With only a few short weeks left until my due date, I set out to interview midwives. I interviewed about six different women and I was amazed with each of them! What a wonderful world I had entered of caring, empowering, supportive, lovely women.
When I met Pam, I felt a very special connection. She was extremely knowledgeable and an incredible teacher. She answered all of my questions with a confidence that comes only from years and years of education and experience. However, what really won me over was her spirit; she was so caring, so thoughtful, so relaxed, and so comfortable. I was very happy with the emotional and educational support that she offered me. Throughout the few remaining weeks of pregnancy and the birthing process, I felt so comfortable by her presence because I knew that she fully supported med and that she believed in me and in my strength and the power as a divine, life-giving woman.
Pam is an amazing woman and midwife. I feel so blessed that she assisted and coached me in my home birth experience. I will always have a special place in my heart for this lovely and very special lady.

— Elisa T. Testimonial

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