Arizona Birth at Home | Michelle S. Testimonial
Pam White provides the greater Phoenix area with stellar midwifery care including prenatal care, newborn care, postpartum care, natural home birth delivery and water births.
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Michelle S. Testimonial

I've never met anyone quite as wonderful as Pam. She helped with the home births of all six of our babies, the youngest being born just 6 weeks ago. In the 16 years I've known her, she has been nothing but supportive of me and the choices and decisions I've made about my home births. Whenever I would have concerns or fears, she was always there to remind me of what a beautiful experience birth is- how strong women really are, and how I COULD have this baby at home. She had faith in me that I didn't have in myself. She was beside me every step of the way-when all was going well, and even the few times when things weren't so great. Every time I went into labor, I couldn't truly relax and feel ready to have the baby until I knew she was in the room with me. That's just who she is-everything is better when she is around!

— Michelle S. Testimonial


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