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Pam White provides the greater Phoenix area with stellar midwifery care including prenatal care, newborn care, postpartum care, natural home birth delivery and water births.
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I had the blessed opportunity to have Pam White as my midwife through the duration of my most recent pregnancy. I had already given birth to two children in the hospital and I knew that this time around I wanted a home birth. During my search for the perfect midwife for us, Pam's name came up frequently. She is well respected in the home birth community, highly regarded amongst her peers and is one of the longest practicing midwives in AZ. So for these reasons my husband and I decided to meet with her. My husband Andre wanted someone professional, knowledgeable, logical, and skilled (

— Jenny B. Testimonial

My wonderful midwife, Pam White, walked me through thirty-nine weeks with wisdom and compassion. By the time of the birth, she was truly a friend and I felt a strong degree of trust in both her experience as a professional midwife and as a mother who had been where I was going. She knew when to encourage me and when be silent. She respected the intimate moment that my second daughter's birth became for us and we connected in a very profound way.I'm glad I made the choice to invite her to be part of this moment in our lives.

— Monna Testimonial

From the very first meeting I felt very comfortable with Pam. I loved how I did not feel like I was at the doctors but more like I was at a friends home. Every concern I had, whether it was about me or the baby, or my ability to have a baby without an epidural, Pam continously had faith in me that I could do it. She helped me feel in charge of my birthing experience, which was totally new to me. Shortly after our home birthing experience I asked my husband what he thought and he said he loved it! Pam was there for whatever my husband or I needed. I would recommend Pam to anyone and the home birthing experience! It was amazing!

— Stacy Testimonial

I've never met anyone quite as wonderful as Pam. She helped with the home births of all six of our babies, the youngest being born just 6 weeks ago. In the 16 years I've known her, she has been nothing but supportive of me and the choices and decisions I've made about my home births. Whenever I would have concerns or fears, she was always there to remind me of what a beautiful experience birth is- how strong women really are, and how I COULD have this baby at home. She had faith in me that I didn't have in myself. She was beside me every step of the way-when all was going well, and even the few times when things weren't so great. Every time I went into labor, I couldn't truly relax and feel ready to have the baby until I knew she was in the room with me. That's just who she is-everything is better when she is around!

— Michelle S. Testimonial

For the past eight years you have been there for our family, helping to welcome the last four of our children into the world. I have been amazed at how gently and patiently you have worked with my wife and I, helping us with every decision and every concern, whether big or small. Somehow, you know just how far to step in, always allowing us abundant space to design our own birthing experiences, and yet providing us with the most competent care and assistance whenever needed or requested. Having our babies born at home has been so wonderful. And having you as our midwife has given us the confidence to be able to relax and enjoy the experience fully, knowing that if a critical issue arises, you’ll know just what to do. We cannot adequately express how thankful we are to you for your service, and how grateful we are for your friendship.

— Don & Fawn C. Testimonial

Pam was the seventh midwife I interviewed while pregnant with my first child. I was trying to find a midwife that fit three criteria: 1. competent practitioner 2. Someone I trusted would put my baby and I first 3. a good personality fit I finally found all three in Pam and I believe that my wonderful birth experience was made possible by her care. Our prenatal visits were productive and positive. She was proactive but not fearful when my water broke without any contractions for 16 hours. During labor Pam was a shadow when all I wanted was the quiet, and she was at my side with active support when I needed her to be. My husband always speaks of his appreciation for Pam's sensitivity to what was most helpful moment to moment. I can still hear her calm, confident voice reassuring me and quieting my anxiety when my daughter was crowning. I believe it is because of her coaching that I did not tear during my birth. My only regret with birthing with Pam was that I forgot to take a photograph with her and the beautiful baby she helped me bring into my home. Pam will always hold a special place in my heart - I refer her to all my friends, and hope to enjoy her care with my next pregnancy.

— Rachel Testimonial

Pam was my Mom’s midwife for the last two of my siblings, so I had the privilege of knowing her before I had my own children. She was a big aspect as to why I chose a home birth. I have been around it my entire life and have a Mom who is very passionate about home birth. I on the other hand was open to either a home birth or a hospital. So I decided to try a home birth with my first. I could not have done it without her! Pam says that I could have but I know that her calm presence, knowledge and experience, and her amazing coaching is what made my birthing experience so empowering. She has the knowledge and experience, very important for the health of Mom and baby. But she also has an amazing gift, she has a gift of teaching woman how to become empowered through the birthing experience, to truly experience the moment and the power it holds. I have thankfully had the honor of having Pam at all three of my births of my children; Dru, Tasi and Te’o.

— Aspen W. Testimonial

My husband and I chose Pam as our midwife fourteen years ago because of her experience and warmth. From the first time we met with her, we found Pam to be very knowledgeable, answering our questions thoroughly. We felt very confident venturing into home birth. After the traditional, hospital birth of our first child, we desired a more intimate, natural birth with our second child. Those first few prenatal visits with Pam confirmed our decision. Hour-long appointments provided the time to develop an important relationship with this person who would be there with us to safely welcome our child into the world. Birthing at home is an awesome experience. We have delivered 7 of our 8 children at home. Pam has an amazing instinct, both natural and borne from experience, in helping a woman through the labor process. She knows when to speak, what advice or action is the most helpful at any given moment, and when to work quietly. With three of our babies in particular, she was able to coach us to bring the baby out and into mom’s arms on our own – what joy!

— Christy Testimonial

Pam has been my midwife for 5 years now and has delivered all three of my babies, and she will definitely continue to be my midwife if I choose to have any more children. Each birth was a wonderful experience and went smoothly. She always wants my birth to be MY birth, she doesn't want anybody telling me how to labor. Pam is very confident and knowledgeable in home births and she makes me feel comfortable and confident throughout my entire pregnancy and delivery, I know my baby and I will have the best care available. I trust Pam with not only my life but the life of my newborn baby. I feel like Pam is part of the family and we love her dearly.

— Cami B. Testimonial

My home birth experience was awesome! Pam is an incredible midwife who balances professionalism with genuine relationship and sincerity, qualities rarely found in doctors and at hospitals. She truly cares about you and your baby, and is always looking out for what is best for both! Unlike my hospital birth with my first child, this home birth allowed me to be calm and focused during my entire labor. There's peace in delivering in your own home, where you're most comfortable. My conversations with Pam prior to the birth prepared me in ways I didn't fully understand until I was in labor. The birth was beautiful and although I don't know how many kids we'll have, I'm am confident that I will do a home birth each time forward. There really is no better way, than in your own home! 

— Michelle L. Testimonial
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